Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Things Party

My friend Ann turned 33 yesterday (Dec 1st).  She's a doll - one of the funnest, kindest, craftiest, greatest people you could ever know.  Also, I may happen to love her because our birthdays are a mere 5 days apart.  That's right, Nov 26th - Dec 1st (same year).  We're kindred spirits.

So every year for her birthday, Ann does a Favorite Things party.  It is NOT to be missed.  I was so excited to attend tonight and be blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity - plus, a reason to get together with the girls? YES, PLEASE!

Ann started out by telling everyone 33 of her favorite things for this year.  After showing and explaining all of these things, we listened to this year's favorite song (Adele - Someone Like You, in case you're wondering) and past year's songs, then had to DANCE and SING to them!  If everyone wasn't comfortable at that point, it sure loosened things up!

Then it was time for a memory test...we had to recall and write down as many of her favorite things as we could!  Yikes, my brain did better than I thought it would!  I think I remembered 27 or 28, but the big winners (it was a tie) were Allison and Rebecca with 30. 

Disclaimer: All pics were taken with my iPhone
It was such a great party, but I could not stop drooling over all of Ann's decorations! 

The white tree was my FAV!  So elegant

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings...these are a few of my favorite things"...Ann wrapped up some of her favorite things for her guests to open and take home (seriously, it's her birthday and she gave US the gifts!)!  Everything from 3M Velcro strips to a gorgeous white wooden coat rack/shelf (this wasn't wrapped - and for the record, I WON IT!)!  It was such a wonderful idea!

 I really loved the red tree too!  At one point, we all exchanged our favorite things that we had brought with us.  It was neat to see what others chose and to hear about why they were their favorite things.  I ended up with buttermilk pancake mix & white chocolate chips (Rebecca says they're the best pancakes...I'm sure my kids will love finding out!), a Skor bar (need I say more?) & some Burt's Bees Chapstick!  All good things!

What was left of our group at 11:30pm: Me, Erin, Allison, Angie, Ella, Ann, Laurie, Melissa, Rebecca (and cute baby girl)!  We had already said goodbye to: Jenn, Sabrina and Jessica

Thanks Ann, for a fabulous night!  You are definitely one of my favorite people!

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Ann said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I'm so glad you came and that you had fun! See, even pics from your iphone come out better than mine. Ugh!