Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HFTHC Weigh-in Week 8 and a Cute Family

Ok, we're down to the final week of this weight loss challenge! Here are our numbers for Week 8:

Chris [311 starting] current: 297.6 for a loss of .73%  
Cracker [175 starting] current: 155.6 for a loss of 2.14% 
Heather [205 starting] current: 180 for a loss of 1.1%
Mylee [149 starting] current: 141 for a loss of 1.4%
Pinky [184 starting] current: 168 for a loss of .94% 
Stephanie [226 starting] current: 204.8 for a loss of 1.44%
Emily [195 starting] current: 184 for a loss of .54% 

And the total loss for this post is: 14.8 lbs!  Total weight lost as a group: 147.5 lbs!!  I'm just blown away guys, seriously!  That is an adult that we've gotten rid of!  Hooray!!

Congrats to Cracker - our biggest loser this week!!  Great job!!

This is our last week of the challenge guys!  As of now, we only have 4 days left!!  You can do anything for 4 days!  Do your best, finish strong!  I'll have the final weigh-ins posted early next week and will determine who wins the $50 gift card!  

You're all wonderful and I have loved hearing from you and getting to know you a little better!


PS - Is this family not ADORABLE?!!

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