Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year GIVEAWAY!!!

It's that time of year!  New Year's Resolutions are on everyone's mind right now.  Have you read about my previous year's resolutions?  You can do that here.  

Are you gearing up for another "diet"?  Trying to psych yourself up to go to the gym every day?  I have a giveaway that I hope will inspire you - for the rest. of. your. life!

These books have literally changed my life and I know they can do the same for YOU!  Whether you are looking for a comprehensive health program or just some practical ways to change your lifestyle, these books are for you!

I'm giving away a set of Dr. A's Habits of Health & the companion guide: Living a Longer Healthier Life.  Start your new year off with a bang!  Leave me a comment (here on the blog or find me on facebook)about your New Year's Resolution(s) - what they are, how are you going to make them happen, what inspired you to chose them, etc.  I'd love to hear from my readers!  You have until Monday, January 2, 2012 to enter this giveaway.  The winner will be announced January 3rd!

Here is what others are saying about Dr. A's Habits of Health:

Dr. A’s Habits of Health is over 375 pages of wisdom, insight, tips, all in light of a comprehensive structural approach which is light years ahead of anything else in its field.” — Review by Robert Fritz

Dr. A has put together a wonderful, easy-to-read text that I recommend to all my patients. I am a family physician and follow Dr. A’s lifestyle – with remarkable results. If you are looking to lose weight, be stronger, happier, and LIVE LONGER then you NEED THIS BOOK! “ — Dr. Newfie

This has been a very encouraging book for me, since I have tried so many different diets over the past thirty years, only to gain my weight back. I think I am finally changing my mindset! The book is easy to read, colorful, and informative. I also like the “bullet” thoughts along the outer margins of the pages.”— Julianna Terry Jordan

amazon.com review:

 "Go from surviving to thriving! If you've ever tried to lose weight only to gain it back, Dr. A's Habits of Health offers a life-changing breakthrough that shows you not only how to reach and maintain your healthy weight, but how to create a life of renewed vibrancy, health, and spirit all under the easy-to-follow guidance of one of America s most esteemed and compassionate practitioners of weight loss and optimal health. Join thousands of people worldwide who've gone from discouragement to confidence, from depletion to unimaginable vitality and discover how you can live better, happier, and healthier into your eighties, nineties, and beyond."

Here's to a new you this new year!  


Mary said...

2012 is the year that is all about me and taking control of my physical and emotional health!

My New Year's Resolutions are:

1. To lose weight (I have 116 lbs to lose)
2. Be more organized
3. Live more intentionally

My motto is: That was the day that she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.

To do this I am going to plan plan plan. When I lost 60 lbs before I planned all my meals the day before and made going to the gym a non negotiable part of my day...until it was habit.

For me it is just one of those things where I know what to do and how to do it I just don't.

I am so proud of you Stephanie! It has been SO inspiring to watch your transformation. <--I'm not just saying that because I want to win. ;)

Anonymous said...

I sure would love a free copy of these books as my new years resolution is to 'live a healthy, happy and fit life.'

DebbieJo Ferranti

BlueAmy623 said...

Ever since we moved to Oregon three years ago I have let myself go. I have gained 75 pounds and numerous health issues because of it.

I have not taken an active roll in my life or the lives of my children, but instead I have sat on a chair and watched life happen to me. My
seven-year old daughter and I watched a movie where the mother and daughter played jump rope, hide and seek, hoola hoop, and danced. At the end my daughter wished she had a mother like that. I felt like some punched me in my flabby stomach. How could I have done this to myself?

Since that time I have tried to take a more active roll in my life. I have applied for membership at the YMCA, I volunteer more, and I am more active at church. I go visit my church sisters instead of just writing letters, and I accept more invitations.

Stephanie I promise should you select me I too will give back. For as it is done for you, so you should do for another. Thank you fir this opportunity for one of us for I am sure each one if is us deserving.

You, Stephanie, are an inspiration! Your story as well as you are beautiful! ! Congratulations for all your successes. May your life and the life if tour family be filled with joy, happiness, HEALTH, and prosperity! !

Johanna said...

I would love to win this giveaway as I am very motivated this year to do the things I need to do to get healthy. Thank you, Stephanie, for this opportunity. I am impressed by the progress you have made and all the things you do to help others.

Anonymous said...

So I know I have already entered, but wanted to add a lil sumpin sumpin to my entry. I know I stated that my resolution is to become healthy. In addition, I wanted to say that I have spent way too much time being sick. Ever since a car accident in 2005, I have used my injury as an excuse to let my life pass me by. Being an observer not a participator in my own wellness has led to a cycle of anxiety and depression. my son, daughter & husband have watched me fade away into a lack of caring about anything, letting them suffer my disability due to my lack of willingness to even try. Well, enough is enough. Time has come to take control and become the conductor of my lifes symphony. No more excuses. No more feeling sad for myself. 2012 is the year when I take my life back & get on the path to health and wellness... Mentally, physically... Time to take action. No excuse in the past will do any longer. Bring it on. I am Sooooo ready.

-DebbieJo Ferranti

sherry L. said...

My New Years resolution is to loose 40 lbs and make healthier meals for my family lilsis_75@hotmail.com