Monday, December 19, 2011

Payton Update & Cutting Down Our Tree

Am I the only one who feels like time is just FLYING by?  Can Christmas really be just 6 days away??  Where did 2011 go?!  

I've had a few people ask recently how Payton is doing with her health issues, so I thought I would give you the low-down on what's coming up...and ask a favor.

It has been just over a year since our Payton Jean was hospitalized with her first kidney infection.  You can read about it here, here and here.  It's been 6 months since her second hospitalization, which you can read about, here and here.  

Since her fateful infection a year ago, she has been on a myriad of antibiotics and treatments.  Just a week after taking her off of her heavy-duty, high dose antibiotic, she wound up in the hospital again.  Since last June's hospitalization, she has been on a different long-term antibiotic.  The goal was to keep her infection-free for 6 months, in order to have a very specialized procedure done.  Well, the time has come.  She checks into Doernbecher's on Tuesday morning (early).  Known as a DMSA Renal Kidney Scan, it will give us an idea of how badly scared her kidneys are (from the multiple infections, antibiotics, etc), how they are functioning and if she has a passive form of reflux in her ureters (that has been thus far undetectable in all other testing).

My baby is scared.  She knows about the test and she knows what it entails (IV, radioactive drugs, hours of waiting, sedation, waiting, waiting, waiting...).  It's been really hard for me to think about putting her through all of this when she has been healthy for 6 months.  But I read back over my blog/journal and remember how quickly her infections strike - how severely ill she gets.  And I know that the repeat infections are causing irreparable damage to her little kidneys.  It's still hard.  As any mother would, I want so badly for her to have a happy, carefree childhood, but the reality of the situation is that she's had some bumps along the way.  She has had to endure some incredibly painful trials and it has aged her in some ways.  She is more cautious.  She watches before she participates.  She stays a little closer to her family and is weary of strangers.  For a little while, she had nightmares about needles (IVs) and being in pain and not knowing how to stop it.  

These things have improved with time and seem so far removed from our precocious girl today; but they are all-too-quickly remembered.  She is terrified of Tuesday.  I am terrified.  I need to be strong for her and be able to tell her that it's "for her own good" and that we "need to know how to help her get better" (stay better), but a part of me wants to just scoop her up and run away.  Can't I pretend this away?

I'm so mature.

So, my friends, can I ask a special request from you?  Would you keep our Payton Jean in your prayers, thoughts, blessings?  Would you do that for her?  It would mean so much to us!  Maybe you could utter a small prayer for me - that I don't fall apart and become more of a hindrance than a help to my daughter.  I sure would appreciate it. 

I'll document our time up there and keep you all updated.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.  We love your guts!

I'll leave you with the pictures of our family outing to get our Christmas Tree!  I love happy pictures...
 Having moved to the coast, where you can't find anywhere to cut down your own tree, we headed Valley-ward and discovered Carroll's Country Christmas Trees.  It was lovely!

 "Can I eat this one, Dad?"  These plastic candy canes lined the trail along Candy Cane Lane and Zeke wanted, so badly, to eat one!

 "Look yonder, there is the perfect tree!"

 Goofing around...I love how Christopher has that wild-eyed look going on!

 All the kidlets was SOOOOOOOOO cold!!

 Avonleigh found her perfect tree

 Well hello there, Miss Precocious!

 "Hey Dude, 'sup?"
 Daddy looking scared as he hands over the saw to Christopher...

"See Zeke, this is how it's done!" 

 Avonleigh gave it a go...

 ...and so did Payton...

 ...and Laethym


Hold the phone, we actually took a family picture!!  It may not happen for another 5 years, but let it be known that in 2011, we took a family picture!

We will definitely be going back to Carroll's next year!


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Love the family picture! And yes, we'll say a prayer for Payton and her Mommy :)

The Boys Club plus a girl! said...

Oh my goodness, Stephanie! We are here for you! And I want to send a package right away! Send me your address! My family is right there with you! We'll keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers! Keep you chin up! And let her know how much we LOVE her, and how proud we are of her and her example of strength she is to us all! Take care!