Sunday, April 24, 2011


A few shots from dying Easter eggs:
A variety of colors

One of Laethym's painted eggs

A sponge painted egg

Avonleigh was lovin' this art project!

Payton was lovin' getting messy!

Even Daddy got in on the action

Pretty eggs

End result: Fun and colorful eggs...and hands! Win/win!

Let me just tell you how awesome those hands looked in their church clothes today.  Sweet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Instagram love []

Have you heard of Instagram?  It's a fantastic photo-sharing app on iPhone.  I love it. SO. MUCH!  It's no secret that I adore photography and naturally I see every day moments that I want to capture and more often than not, I pull out my phone to snag those moments.  With Instagram, you can snap a picture, apply a filter and share with the world: Twitter, Facebook, Email, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, Posterous...incredible!

Here are a few photos that I have shared recently...just day-in and day-out stuff, but I love having those little moments sealed in time forever.

Are you already on Instagram?  Am I preaching to the choir here?  I would love to have more friends and see what life moments you are capturing and sharing!  If you are, look me up - I'm 50toesphoto (I know, you're shocked, right?).  Or leave your name in the comments and I'll look YOU up!  I promise to follow back!

AANNNDDDD...if you're a local friend, I have created a Corvallis (and surrounding areas) meetup group on Instagram.  It's for photo enthusiasts who want to get together and give each other support and talk photography and inspire one another!!  I'm so excited!

You can join by visiting here. <------- click here

Join me - and get out there and SHOOT!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today was a lovely Spring-like day (albeit cold in the morning)!  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for warmer weather and really looking forward to lots of beautiful outdoor shoots. 
This sweet little tulip sits all alone in our front vegetable garden.  She opens her bright, happy petals to the sun and closes them to the cold rain, waiting patiently for the warmth to come again. 

I have watched this process for the past week - as she was closed more often than not - and thought about how ready I am for the warm sunshine to come and STAY.  I want to stretch my arms up to the sun and feel it's warmth on my face.  I want to go somewhere without having to put coats on everybody.  I want to open all of the windows in the house and let the clean air in and stale, Winter air OUT!

It's Spring cleaning time!  For me (and unfortunately for my family), I have a ton of Spring cleaning to do with my business! My poor laptop has a whole 6 gigs of space left (of 450 GB)!  It's time to backup everything (again!) and start with a clean memory space.  It's time to make some big changes that I'm very excited about!  It's time to take things to a whole. new. level.

I will be making an announcement on May 1st - putting some good changes in place.  Until then, I will be posting frequently and having some fun stuff along the way.

Won't you join me on this Spring cleaning adventure

It's going to be fantastic.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Laethym is 8!

We have had quite the week!  The kids were out of school on Thursday and Friday (and they will be tomorrow too!) for teacher inservice and conferences.  Laethym's birthday celebrations started on Wednesday since there would be no school on her actual birthday, which was Friday. 

At 10pm on Tuesday night, after a crazy-busy day (and a little girl who should have long been asleep), Laethym came out to proclaim that she REALLY wanted cupcake pops for her classroom treat (the next day).  Her friend had, had a birthday celebration that day and her mom brought in cake in a cone with frosting as "ice cream".  Super cute, not something most of them had seen before.  Laethym wanted her own WOW treat (did I mention it was 10PM??).  Oh boy.

I had tons of computer work to get done, so I spent the rest of the night working on that, resolving myself to the fact that I would just have to pick something fun up from the store in the morning (because cupcake pops are A LOT of work).  I crawled into bed in the wee small hours of the morning and fell promptly asleep...

When we all got up in the morning, poor Laethym's face fell as the realization that she wasn't going to get her special treat (the way she wanted it) set in.  I felt horrible.  Once the older kids were at school, I got the younger ones fed and ready for the day.  My wonderful sister-in-law came and picked up Payton for preschool, so I worked through that time baking and freezing and shaping and freezing and dipping, etc, etc.

Avonleigh was home sick all that week with a horrible cough and zero energy, so I didn't have to worry about picking her up from Kindergarten, and worked through that time too!  Finally at 12:15 (we needed to be there at 12:30), I threw Bup and Chooch in the car and off to the school we went!  It was a fun and cute celebration - I love that her teacher puts such an important emphasis on the children's birthday's!

A few shots from her class party...
The kids get to choose what style they want their birthday song sung in.

Laethym chose opera style!

The finale to a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday!

The beautiful birthday girl

Showing off her cupcake pop...pirate style? AAARRR!

Avonleigh and Zeke enjoy theirs at the back table

Good to the last bite!

Waetum wuvs her wittle brudder

My blue-eyed boy

Laethym was so surprised when I walked into her classroom with all the cupcake pops!  It was definitely worth all the work to make her special day, perfect! 

If I wasn't in such a hurry, I would have photographed the cake pop process (it's so fun!), but instead, I'll direct to over to the original creator of these ingenious little goodies:

Bakerella <------click here

Laethym got to spend Wednesday night at her best friend's house, then had a fun morning and lunch at McDonald's with them!

Thursday evening she was taken to a professional magic show with two of her other friends (and totally spoiled with backstage passes and a meeting with the magicians)!

Friday was THE BIG DAY!  Her actual BIRTHday had finally come!  I took her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant (New China Buffet) where she was surprised by Grandma coming to join us!  She was over-the-moon happy!  After lunch we whisked her away to Corvallis Nail Spa for mani/pedis with Aunt Molly!

It was the first mani/pedi I've ever had and may I just say I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!!  I would go just for the pedicure every week if I could - it was amazing!  They did a long hot stone massage and I about died and went to heaven!

 Only a few pictures from the spa, because I totally put my camera away and enjoyed some time with the girls!
Laethym soaking her feet while she has her nails painted

Happy grandma!

Cute Molly!

My ugly toes - most improved with the ruby red nail polish!

I had a french manicure with pink tips in "June Bride" - I love it!

More feet...feel free to look away.

Laethym in her cute new sandals and pretty red toes with her little yellow flower.

A quick shot of her fancy hair for the day!

She truly was the princess of the WEEK!  It's a special birthday and one I want her to remember FOREVER!  Eight is the age of accountability in our church and the age at which children are baptized.  She is really excited to be baptized in the next month or so! 

I'm really proud of this little girl and how hard she strives to do the right things and be a good person.  She is the first to ask if she can help with something, she always puts others first, she has a wonderfully cheery disposition, she is an enormous help around the house - not to mention an excellent student!

Laethym Marie you are the perfect child [I reserve the right to revoke this statement when you hit teenagehood] !

We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as a daughter!

Mom and Dad

Monday, April 11, 2011

Corvallis Parents Network Photo Contest Winner

I stumbled across the Corvallis Parents Network website last month and wondered why I hadn't heard of it sooner!  It's such a great idea!  I love that parents from all over my community can get on there and plan social outings (play dates), events, network, create their own pages, etc.  It also happened that they had just announced the "End of Winter" photo contest and I thought, "Why not?"!  So I sent in a photo of Avonleigh playing in the snow and viola!, I found out today that I won!  It's an honor and I'm super-excited to see what the next contest will be!

Thanks Jason P and new friends at CPN!

Avonleigh loving the snow!

Are you on the CPN?  Let's be friends!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Payton Jean is 4 years old

Oh this girl!  She can go from sweet and snotty and flippant in 2 seconds flat (and usually with a hint of a smile on her face)!  And if you're [not] lucky, she'll throw it into hyperdrive and give you a healthy dose of chaotic destruction the second you turn your back on her!  Often times I want to hug/kiss/strangle her all at the same time!  She oozes personality and our family would definitely be duller without her! 

So when it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago, she wanted nothing more than to have her own photoshoot!  It was just a simple, quick shoot, but we had so much fun!  Her sisters joined in at the end and they giggled and played (and tooted) while I clicked away around them!  I sure adore these girls.  I'm so glad they have each other.

Her expression cracks me up.  I caught it just as she was turning around to give me a super-cheesy, squinty smile, but I liked this face much better!