Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

I hope you all had a great day today!  Me?  I came down with a small case of gastroenteritis (stomach flu), less than fun for me, but not nearly as bad as it could be!  

It's really got me to thinking...I haven't been sick in 8+ months.  I've been on my program for 8+ months.  Correlation?  I think so.  

Christopher and Zeke came down sick on Sunday (unfortunately for Christopher, he was at church when he threw up).  So I should have known that's what it was, but mine has been a little funny.  I've been awakened around 4-5am every morning with stomach cramps (but higher up), but eventually fall back asleep and feel fine when I wake for the day.  But this morning, the cramps lingered and became pretty intense.  They were also accompanied by headache and lightheadedness.  Mr. Charming was insistent that I go to the doctor.

I spent the morning at the Walk-in clinic and ended up with a couple of prescriptions and a lab order.  I walked over to the lab across the street and waited for them to call my name.  There was an older woman seated next to me who was freaking out because she was there to do a "pee test" and she had to go "NOW!!" and apparently the staff wasn't moving fast enough for her (they had to sterilize and prep the bathroom).  I tried to talk to her, ya know, to help take her mind off of her impending explosion of bodily fluid, but she would burst out in angry rants to the staff walking around and behind the counter.  It was awkward.  I was called back before she was (she may or may not have wanted to strangle me) and when I came back, she was STILL waiting!  I felt so bad for her.  As I sat down to wait for Mr. Charming to come pick me up (dude, I wasn't driving in the condition I was in), the woman jumped up (maybe a bit dramatic because she was older and very cumbersome in size) and headed for the bathroom screaming about how they can't make her wait anymore or they'll have to wring it out of her panties.  Yes, she said panties.  Did I mention...awkward?  So...I'm pretty sure she made it on time (3 staff ran to assist her), but ya know, always an eventful time at the doctor's office.  And almost always awkward.

In less awkward news, the phlebotomist was phenomenal (like that?) and with one quick stick and one little vial of blood, I was done!

I've requested a copy of my lab results, for my own personal records, but y'all - my numbers were FABULOUS!  I'm healthy as a horse (but not as big as one anymore)!  The doctor's concern was that I may have a cranky gallbladder because of where the pain was, but nope, everything looked good!  So it's really just a stomach bug.  Yuck (but I'll take it over the alternative)!

I do remember that my heart rate was 76 and my BP was 100/68.  My doctor used the word "stellar" to describe it.  YUS!

Anywho...Mr. Charming took over all of the household duties and sent me to bed when I got home.  I slept soooooo hard.  It was awesome.

I was going to leave you with a hilarious video that Mr. Charming took while waiting to pick up the kids from school, but my internet is conspiring against me and it's going to take all night for the video to upload to youtube, so I'll post it tomorrow!  Check won't be disappointed! hehe


Here it is!  I died laughing!  Payton and her shifty eyes...and Zeke in the background trying to sing the various sound effects...too stinkin' funny!


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Hope you all are on the mend.

Unknown said...

That video is adorable. Hope the sickie leaves your place quick, and great bp I'm so jealous ;)

Stephanie said...

@Polly - Doing good...this flu is nasty and it's running its course through the rest of the fam! Boo for germs!

@Unknown - Thanks for the comment! I think she's pretty stinkin' cute! The germies are spreading, but hopefully by Monday, everyone should be over it! ;o) Have a great day!