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Lean and Green: Sweet and Spicy Shrimp with Garlic Green Beans

After working for a summer in Alaska at Peter Pan Seafoods, I developed a deep love for seafood. I ate like a king that summer and was exposed to many new and interesting treats from the ocean. That Summer I tried salmon roe for the first time in my life and you know what....... It was actually pretty good. As a kid growing up, the only thing we used salmon roe for was catching more fish. I also got to try raw cod hearts, halibut steaks, crab, scallops, salmon, shrimp, lobster, and many others. Anytime I get to enjoy a great seafood meal, I reminisce about that summer and all the fun I had. Funny I don't think about the terrible weather, the long hours, or the smell...... selective memory I guess.

     Steph came up with this AMAZING shrimp dish or "scrimp" as it's lovingly called by our 4 yr. old. Yes, even the kids get in on the fish and seafood action in our house. I think their favorite is talapia, salmon, crab, or shrimp, depends on their mood. We just picked up some sushi grade ahi tuna this week, so follow the blog to get an update on how we prepare that. We are also working on a blog post about some of the health benefits from seafood, and there are many, so stay tuned for that one as well.

On to our Sweet and Spicy "Scrimp" with Garlic Green Beans, All I can really say is AWESOME! Even if you're not a big fan of shrimp, you will love this one, not to mention how healthy this is for you! You can check the recipe and the nutritional facts at the end of the blog.

I always start with raw scrimp with the peel on. It's a little more work for the preparation, but it's a lot easier to infuse flavors into the raw scrimp than the cooked. To each their own, but stick to what you know. We used 16oz for this recipe.

We coated our scrimp with a little Garlic Gourmay cajun style. We like hair on our chest, well...... I like hair on my chest, Steph........ not so much, literally and metaphorically! 

 Next is the SECRET sauce. Don't tell anyone........ ah who can keep secrets anymore! This is the 21st century everything is on the net, even the Colonel's secret spices! The tutorial for the sauce can be found HERE.

We marinated our scrimp for about an hour before cooking, this really lets the flavors soak in and grab hold. Looks good enough to eat raw....... well almost.

For the Garlic Green Beans, we love the petite whole beans. California and Washington huh? We are in Oregon........ is that false advertising? We won't hold it against them, because we love their beans. We used 14oz for this 2 serving recipe.

Start with the garlic, I LOVE GARLIC! This little gem also has some wonderful health benefits and it's great for keeping the vampires away.

We used about 1 Tbls of garlic and added it to a well "PAMmed" pan. We usually cook it for about 2 min on medium heat to release the great flavors from the garlic.

 Next we added our 14 oz of green beans. Green beans are yummy for my tummy as the 2 yr. old says. Click HERE to see a short video of our 2 yr. old putting in his breakfast order, he loves Yabba Dabba Do's! He asks for them at least 6 times a day. We use Johnny's Seasoning Salt as well as the garlic.

In another saute pan, add the scrimp and sauce mixture and cook on medium high until the scrimp firm up and curl - about 7 min.

You can see the scrimp curling up, these look awesome. I am remembering how these smelled! Million dollar idea: the next big thing in technology............. ScentBlogs. Well I can dream right? Where is Willy Wonka when you need him.

Right before the scrimp finish cooking, add 2 Tbs of Beer'n Brat Horseradish Mustard and........................ BAM! Can I even say BAM?! Did Emeril trademark that?! Anyway, this adds a great little kick that melds well with the scrimp and the "not so" secret sauce.

Here are the Sweet and Spicy Scrimp and Garlic Green Beans. This is the best scrimp dish I have ever had! Well almost there was this one time in Vegas, but you know what they say about what happens in Vegas... *wink*wink!

Succulent morsels of yummy goodness and perfectly seasoned petite beans! It's a must try for everyone and the kids will love it too. Try it, change it up, and leave a comment on the blog and let us know how you liked it. Yummy and good for the tummy!

Sweet & Spicy Shrimp with Garlic Green Beans

1 lb raw, tail on Shrimp
14 oz Petite Green Beans
1 tsp Cajun Spices (we like Gourmay brand)
1 Tbl Garlic, pressed
1 tsp Johnny's Seasoning Salt

3 Tbl Truvia
3 Tbl Reduced Sodium Tamari (or soy sauce or Braggs Liquid Aminos)
3 Tbl water (dilute as needed)
1 3/4 Tbls Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 Zest of the Lime
1/2 tsp Chili Garlic Paste
1 Clove Garlic, pressed

To prepare shrimp:
Peel and devein shrimp and place in medium bowl.  Add 1 cup of milk (any kind) and let sit for 30 min.  This helps remove the fishy smell/taste and makes the shrimp nice and mild to soak up flavors they're being cooked in.

Drain shrimp and put back into bowl.  Season shrimp with Cajun Spices.

Whisk all sauce ingredients in a bowl until well-dissolved.  Pour over shrimp and let marinate for at least 30 min. 

Heat medium frying pan (sprayed with PAM) on medium heat.  Saute 1 Tbl garlic for 1-2 min until it releases its aroma.  Turn heat up to medium-high and add green beans.  Sprinkle with 1 tsp Johnny's Seasoning Salt (or to desired flavor) and continuing sauteing until green beans are soft and pliable - about 10 min.

Once green beans are sauteing, it's time to get your scrimp on!  In a medium frying pan (sprayed with PAM), add shrimp (in sauce) and saute until shrimp are curled and slightly red - about 7 min.

Plate your shrimp and green beans on a plate and enjoy!

Nutritional information can be found HERE. (I had to put things in a little differently because the calorie counter didn't like my measurements, so the sodium is way high, but you get the gist)

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