Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Monday is my weigh-in day and I look forward to it.  I have been eking my way down to the low 200's and I was DYING to see the 100's!!  When I weighed on Monday I was 200.2lbs. Sooooo close!!

So this week I decided to eat more frequently and really stay on top of my water (as well as cut out peanut butter).  I'm thrilled to say that I stepped on the scale this morning (I couldn't wait - I'm so bad!) and weighed in at: 197lbs!  Seriously, I still have 5 days left in the week, but I can not tell you how excited I was to finally break into the 100's!!  I can't remember seeing a number below 200 since I was about 12 years old.  


All through middle school my least favorite class was PE (gym class).  Shortly after the school year started in 8th grade, we had to have a school...during the school nurse, Mrs. Clark.  I don't think they do them like they used to, but it was an eye exam, dental exam, lice check, scoliosis check and weight/height check.  Basically, at the super-UN-awkward age of 13, it was nothing short of torture.  I nervously went through all of the other stations, eyeing that cold, steel scale in the center of the room.  I thought, if I just walked around like I was busy until the bell rings, then I wouldn't have to weigh-in in front of everyone.  I thought of excuses that I would use to not have to do the weigh-in...

Alas, the bell rang and I sprinted down the stairs and into the musty locker room.  I took my time getting ready and figured I would slip out the door through the gym, so the nurse wouldn't see me if I went back upstairs.  The locker room got quiet as the students took off to their next classes.  Just as I grabbed my bag to head out the door, smug look and all, I came face-to-face with the nurse.  She kindly assured me that no one would be seeing my chart except for her and that she needed to have my weight recorded.  I refused to go up and use the scale, but instead quietly whispered my 13-year-old weight, "Two-hundred" I murmured and ran out the door.
8th Grade school picture


I was so thrilled with today's weigh-in that I decided it called for a little impromptu photoshoot with Mr. Charming.  He's a fantastic photographer - and one heck of a funny guy!  You can check him out on twitter here.

I'm really happy with the changes that have taken place with my body and mind.  I'm learning to love my curves and I feel absolutely amazing!  I still have about 50 lbs I want to lose, but that will happen in no time, but more importantly, I'm loving the journey I'm on!


Sweet Polly Purebred said...



Look at those curves....and you have BOOBS...I mean, you always did, but you can really see them now...I know this is a public post. :) You are such an inspiration and I had no idea that you have struggled with your weight your entire this is an amazing accomplishment.

FYI said...

It's not just that you are thinner... it's the transformation! Congratulations, you humble and inspire me, and many many others. Way to have a vision. Such a good example for your own children. I wish your junior high story wasn't so common, but it's a sad one.

Pinky said...

I am SUPER excited for you Beautiful! ;o) It is a feeling you can't put into words. Such a deep sense of satisfaction. You are a Wonderful example and inspiration for all of us! I Love you and I am so Proud of you!

Evan and Charitie said...

YAHOO! You look amazing Stephanie! What a wonderful job you have done in keeping with your goal. Keep up the wonderful work! You are truly beautiful!!!

KelleyWenzel said...

Ohhh, I have tears in my eyes for your thirteen year old self. But so very happy for you to have reached a personal goal that means so much AND that you are embracing your own curvy beauty. Inside and out.

Kim g said...

Stephanie you look amazing and are beaming! Congratulations, it's wonderful that you are sharing your journey and are a inspiration to many! Mark and I have been doing the program too, it's great. Peanut butter is my splurge too... :)

April Irons said...

You are doing awesome, Sis! And you are (as you always have been) absolutely gorgeous! So proud of you and SOOOO glad to hear that you are happy! Love you!!!

Stephanie said...

@Polly - Thank you so much! You're always so kind to comment!

@Dawn - Your comment KILLED me - like, dying laughing!! Thank you so much!

@FYI - Thank you so much! I think junior high is awkward for everyone - just a bad age! I figure most of us are stronger because of those years!

@Mom - Thank you! YOU are the inspiration, skinny lady! Love you!

@Charitie - Thank you for your words of encouragement! I will keep it up! ;o)

@Kelley - Bless your heart! I'm sure we all had bad moments in middle school! Thank you so much for following along on this journey, I love your comments!

@Kim - Thank you, thank you! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves her peanut butter! hehe You are one who inspired me to one day run a marathon...long term goal, but I'm so excited for it! Thank you!

@April - Thank you so much! I'm loving this time in my life SO much! Love you, too!

kim g said...

Stephanie, I plan to run the Newport Marathon again when Grace starts kindergarten...I think it's always the end of May or beg. of that would be in a little over two years...that would be a great goal, hu? :) :)

Stephanie said...

@Kim - A great goal for sure! I would love to do it! Keep me posted! ;o)