Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day 2012

It's been a really relaxing New Year's Day for us!  
We've had a great time hanging out with Scott, Jessica and their 3 boys! 
Here's Mr. Charming with our kids and 2 of the cousins (Cooper & Corbin).  We had the kids watch the ball drop on the iPad (at 9:30pm) because we missed the 9pm drop on tv (was it even on? did anyone watch on the west coast at 9pm? we seriously couldn't find it)!  Oh well, the kids had a great time!

New Year's Day has always been about football (and food) in the Zahlmann household.  This year, we added some new things to try and let the kids just snack all day (and night).  
I'll let you know how that ended up...

These were from a pin that Jessica posted on Pinterest and can be found here.  The original recipe came from and can be found here.

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Crescent Poppers
 The players: 
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (8 oz) We used 2 cans and doubled this recipe
Jalapenos, diced - 4 oz (we used pickled ones that Nana canned - so good)
Cream Cheese, at room temperature (8oz)
Sugar (or Truvia, etc) 1 Tbl
Please note: Cute girl not included.  
Pretty simple!

 Laethym was our little helper in the kitchen.  Rolling out the dough into thin rectangles.

Mix the cream cheese, sugar and jalapenos in a bowl.

   Spread 1/2 of the mixture (or 1/4 if you double it) onto one of the rectangles and spread it out evenly.

 Then roll it into a log

 We did the rolls up earlier in the day and refrigerated them until we were ready to bake them.  When you're ready, cut each roll into bite-sized pieces (I think it's about 16 per log, 32 total).  Place on baking sheet sprayed with PAM.

  Set each little roll on its end so the cream cheese is up (and down).
Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for 13 minutes (each oven varies, so we had to cook them a little longer).

 Viola!  Fresh outta the oven!

I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!

These got good reviews from those who tried them (I'm not one of those)!  

We also made our usual Li'l Smokies in Orange Sauce (recipe below)

 And this little boy refused to pull his pants up, but I think he's so cute in his little skivvies, so I did what any good mother (with an camera phone) would do: took his picture.

We had such a fun, relaxing, yummy time with you guys - thanks for the invite!  And the drive home was just gorgeous!

The fog was quite thick in places!

So overall, we had an awesome time, but the kids have definitely paid the price for all of the junk they ate!  They've had sick tummies and some vomiting - boo for junk food!  You can definitely tell that they aren't used to eating so much CRAP!  We won't be doing that again!

Lil Smokies Orange

Put 1 pack of Lit'l Smokies in a crock pot and add 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup orange juice concentrate (do not mix with water), 1 T. flour, 1 T. mustard, 1 T. vinegar. Heat on low for 2 hours and serve.

When tripling the recipe (good for large amounts of smokies) I didn’t have oj concentrate, so I subbed 2.5 cups cranberry juice and 1 heaping Tbl of dried orange peel

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