Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

We have a slew of January birthdays in our family/extended family.  A few of them don't live locally, but for the ones who do, we got together at my in-laws to celebrate our January birthdays!

3 lovely cupcakes for 3 lovely people, Scott, Avonleigh and Renee...can you guess whose was whose?

Avonleigh (pink), Scott (chocolate), Renee (German chocolate)...did you guess correctly?  I know, you totally thought the pink was for Scott!

Scott's card....BWHAHAHAHAHA 
It said, "A Birthday Aging Quiz"
open card:
"What color was her purse?"
at the bottom:
"If you said, 'She had a purse?' you're still young!"

Renee's card
"There are scarier things than having a birthday!" HAHAHAHA

Avonleigh opening her card from Nana & Papa

And this was falling all around


So yesterday was Avonleigh's actual birthday.  We spent it at home (in the dark for half the morning).  The storm was a ragin' and there was NO way we were sending the kids to school (don't get me started on how irresponsible I think it was to even have the schools open!!)!  So daddy painted his girls' nails by lantern light.  I love this picture.

 In the evening we had a little family party for our Choochie Bear
Crazy knee highs

And fun leggings

The all-important Zoobles!

A "make your own bangles" kit

The ratlets with Grandma and Grandpa

A quick (and blurry) self portrait of mom and dad with the birthday girl - can you tell it was a no shower kind of day? Awesome.

*Another post about Avonleigh's birthdays here.

And then Payton hoovered the rest of my dinner...this kid loves good food!

We had a great day with everyone at home (listening to the rain and wind POUND at the house)!  So much so, that we kept them all home again today!  I'm seriously NOT sending them to school in this weather (and we had no power this morning)!

We're seeing pictures on FB of all of the flooding around town here and lots in the Valley as well!  Be safe out there!

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Sweet Polly Purebred said...

I loved her presents. All girl!

Belated Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Yes, she is totally ALL girl!! Thanks, I'll pass that along! ;o)