Friday, January 13, 2012

Walk-a-Thon for Donnie

Today's Walk-a-Thon was a complete success!  I'm so impressed with our elementary school and their efforts to organize this fundraiser!  There were some 600+ kids there plus lots of community members and families.  It. was. awesome.  

Christopher's teacher told them that their class alone raised more than $700!  Now multiply that by 6 grades (K-5th) and 3 classes per get the picture!  

Plus there was a donation jug at the Walk-a-Thon that was being filled by the community members.  I'm so thrilled for the Luizzi family.  I hope they will get some sense of relief from these donations.

Random pictures from the day:

 What a gorgeous day!  It was warm(ish) and sunny with blue sky and lovely clouds.

 My boys.

 Our wonderful Principal, Mr. Harklerode.

 Lots of kiddos!

 My Choochie Bear!

 This poster was so great!

 Alice is always there to help out!

 Cute  family!

 My Payton.




 Run, Forrest, run!  There were quite a few kids who chose to run.  So proud of them!


 This doesn't do justice to the shear volume of people that showed up!

 These girls were inseparable!

 The 3 it!!

My little dude.

*An account has been set up in the name of Don Luizzi at Oregon First Community Credit Union in Florence.  You can donate at any time - all through his treatment.

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