Friday, February 3, 2012

And then I posted a before and after picture

So, yeah, this picture pretty much sums up my last 8 (almost 9) months!  

I was going through some old pictures and found the one on the left, unedited, still waiting for a little Photoshop love.  I had none to give it.  At that time, I was just trying to document my weight loss and this picture never made it to the blog (for good reason)!  

I had completely forgotten it even existed!

So, I swallowed my pride and put on my big girl panties and decided it needed to be seen - to be shared with the world.  At the point this picture was taken, I was already down nearly 50 lbs and had just signed up to be a health coach.  F'rills.  I SO wish I had some pictures from the beginning, but it was just too painful to bear the thought of turning my lovely camera, who took amazing pictures of beautiful people, on my hideous self.  Shame on me.  

There is a happy ending (and getting happier!) to this story though.  When I pulled up the photo that Mr. Charming took this last Sunday and put them side-by-side...WOWZA!  It doesn't even look like the same person.  I've lost 125 lbs, but I think I may have gained a couple of inches (in height)!!  

It's crazy-amazing the kinds of changes that have taken place in the last 8 months.  It is totally possible and now I'm here to show people how to do it!  If you are wanting to get healthy - I mean really healthy - total lifestyle makeover, then I'm your gal!  I hear from people every. single. day. who are sick and tired, feeling miserable and completely void of hope.  I'm talking to you - yes, YOU!! - put down that Dorito and listen to me - you are wonderful, smart, beautiful, strong and far more capable than you give yourself credit for!  I was you, not long ago.  Food was my comfort, my safe place.  But know this: food is not your friend - at least, not the way you're using it now.  It is your addiction and it is controlling you (while wreaking havoc on your body).  But it doesn't have to be this way - I promise.  

When your blood sugar is in balance and your brain is no longer screaming for MORE, magical things can and will happen.  I didn't think it was possible when my coach explained it - that I would completely stop craving chocolate, butter, fried foods, etc.  I'm sure I called her a liar.  As it turns out, she wasn't a liar - she was a coach and a friend and she knew her stuff.  I hope that my clients feel the same way about me.

So really, it boils down to this: I'm here when you're ready.

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PS - Today is National Wear Red Day in support of Women's Heart Health!  My heart has never been healthier!  I hope you sported your RED!  I did (red lips and red sweater...gee, that looks familiar):



My heart is so happy for look fabulastic.

Stephanie said...

@Dawn - You always say the nicest things! I love you and thank you!