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When I was a poor and lowly college student, I lived with a wonderful couple on their llama ranch.  It was my dream job - working at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine (Camelid Research) and living with Marc & Nancy on their ranch.  I have SO many stories to tell!  Every Friday night was date night for them and they would go to a few different restaurants (rotating through their favorites), one of which was Burton's.  It was located in downtown Corvallis on 3rd St.  Sadly, Burton's closed its doors a couple years ago, but it still lives on in my memory!

So I would hear about this restaurant and Nancy's favorite sandwich: Cucumber Croissant Sandwich.  The first time we went there for lunch, that's what I had - it was fabulous.  The original recipe consisted of cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, cream cheese, tomato, carrots and sliced almonds on a croissant.  Yummo - but the croissant was a deal-breaker, so I changed it up a bit for the kidlets...

And Mr. Charming gave it a new name: The Veg Butt (what kid won't love that?!)
Gooood stuff: Whole wheat bread, cucumber, carrot, avocado, tomato, sprouts, cream cheese, almond butter

Spread cream cheese on one slice of bread.

Lay cucumber slices on cream cheese. 

Then avocado slices... 

and carrots... 

then sprouts... 

and finally, tomato. 

Spread almond butter on the other slice of bread. 

Put your Veg Butt together! 

Slice in half (or quarters, or make fun shapes with cookie cutters) 
Isn't that lovely?  Look at all of that yummy goodness just waiting for you to sink your teeth into it!

Yep, I'll take one of those!

We served these for the kids in quarter cuts (1/2 sandwich) with sliced bananas and yogurt.  They went bananas! hehe

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The Veg Butt
Serving size: a whole lot! 
Whole Wheat Bread as needed
1 Cucumber, peeled and sliced thin
1 Carrot, shredded
1 small bunch Alfalfa Sprouts
1 Avocado, sliced thin
1 Tomato, sliced thin
Neufchatel Cream Cheese for spreading
Almond Butter for spreading
Salt and Pepper to taste

Spread 1 tsp almond butter on one slice of bread and 1 tsp cream cheese on the other.  Layer veggies on cream cheese side in this order: cucumber, avocado, carrot, sprout, tomato, salt & pepper, then almond-buttered bread!  It's THAT easy!

Slice sandwich in half and serve with fresh fruit - or fruit and yogurt!  These are really yummy and SUPER customizeable!  Some kids don't like sprouts, others want extra tomato, one doesn't like almond butter, so we use peanut butter, etc.  And it gives you an opportunity to try out other veggies on your kidlets - we cut these into fun shapes (or just tiny triangles) & it makes it even more fun!  

Try these - change it up and report back!  I love hearing how our recipes are being used (and changed) - good for you!  Make it your own! ;o)

Nutritional Information HERE. *this is for 1/2 of a sandwich (the big kids can eat a whole one)

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