Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner? - How to Create the Perfect Omelet

Breakfast for dinner? In this hustle bustle life we all lead, it's sometimes hard to find something healthy, quick, and easy to feed the animals at the zoo. Oh sorry, I mean the kids for dinner. At least once a week, we revert to the old breakfast-for-dinner trick. This strategy is healthy, quick, easy and can be ready in about 25 minutes. Today, I'm going to walk you through making the perfect omelet. As you can see below, we love to stuff and top our omelet's with lots of veggies! 

This one here is stuffed with wilted spinach, zucchini and squash. It's topped with the most awesome pico de gallo. The recipe for the pico can be found HERE. These omelets really are a party in your mouth!
The first thing in making the perfect omelet is to start with a good pan. I LOVE my 10" stainless steel cooking pans. Add a little PAM and.......... no sticky-sticky. The 2 most critical elements to making the perfect omelet are low heat and time. I usually set my stove to medium low or low and it will takes about 8 - 10 minutes for each omelet. If I'm doing omelets for the whole fam, I'll load up the stove with pans and get crack-a-lackin'. Good thing these take very little prep time.

Now for our eggs, we like to use 1 whole egg, preferably farm fresh, and about 3/4 of a cup of Egg Beaters. Whisk until the egg is nicely incorporated. K - I - D - S kids incorporated......... Flashback from the 80's.  (Leave a comment if you know what I'm talking about!)

With your pan up to the right temperature, pour in the eggs.

Cover the bottom of the pan and let it cook for just a minute.

Add in your salt and pepper to taste. I like mine with LOTS of pepper. Most people don't know, but pepper has many health benefits. It's great for aiding in the digestion of food, in turn reducing gas and bloating. Don't ya like how I'm talking about gas and bloating in the middle of a food blog. Got to keep you from eating your screen somehow. Pepper is also full of antioxidants, great for eliminating the free radicals in your body. 

Now for a little trick, I cover the eggs and let them cook from the top as well as the bottom. Cook it like this until it starts to get firm on the top. 

See........ firming up!

Checking the bottom...... looks good. Now FLIP!

Cook it on the other side for just a minute and then you're ready to stuff and top it. 

Here we are stuffing it with our veggies. Best thing about omelets is that you can stuff them with just about anything, well...... anything you like. We have done all kinds of veggies, meats, cheeses and salsas. The kids love them with cheese and salsa and Steph and I prefer the veggies. What do you stuff your omelets with? 

After you add the GUTS, fold it over. Now for the top.

The perfect omelet! What do you think? Would you eat it?

With this one, we did some green chilies and salsa. The flavors are awesome and it's healthy! Try them and see, fine as can be, ah-ah-ah-omelets!

With the tips I showed you here and a little practice, you can be making perfect omelets in no time. Your family will thank you. Now get in the kitchen and break an egg! 

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(Lean and Green style) Nutritional Information can be found HERE.

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FYI said...

You mean there's no butter? Where's the cheddar? Just kidding. I love omelets now, and it was a revelation when I realized how good they could be without cheddar and holandaise. You're and inspiration. The blog looks great!