Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Weigh-in and the Week Ahead

Gooooood Monday all!  I'm back from a FABULOUS weekend in Vegas!  What an amazing experience to be surrounded by people who are healthy-minded and give so freely of their time to help others!  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE WHAT I DO!!


I will be recapping some of the incredible things I learned in the next week or so - stay tuned!

I have to say, the only downside to Vegas was the water - YUCK!  I am so spoiled to live in Oregon and have such fabulous drinking water at my disposal 24/7!  I spent a fortune on bottled water during my stay there (a local warned us not to drink the water)!  But aside from that, it was pretty awesome!

If you missed it, here's what we were up to last week:

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Thursday: Health Tip - #1 Weight Loss Secret
Friday: It's a vlog! - (no, I'm NOT pregnant!)
Saturday: Vlog - Visualization and Red light/Green light thinking
Sunday: Came home from Vegas and spent lots of time with the ones I love most!!

Ok, back to today!  I was looking forward to my weigh-in.  I didn't have a great loss last week (1/2 lb), so I was pretty sure good things would happen this week:

Last week: 184
This week: 181 


I'll take a 3 lb weight loss any week! ;o)

Looking ahead to this week on the blog:

Monday: Weigh-in
Tuesday: Recipe - Stuffed Bell Peppers
Wednesday: You Health
Thursday: Healthy Eating - (my kid's favorite sandwich) The Veg Butt
Friday: Family Weekly Recap
Saturday: Health Tip
Sunday: TBA

So just for fun I thought I would share this video with you all.  I came across it while uploading my vlogs to my youtube account.  This was me (and my glorious friend, Sarah) at about 285 lbs (still 30 lbs lighter than my heaviest)! Crazy to see this!!  Hooray for feeling good - it makes me sad to see my former self in video.  I remember this night vividly: Payton was just a newborn (maybe 3 months old?) and I had NOTHING to wear for the part of Glinda, so my sweet friend, Katie  wrapped her sari around me (it's gorgeous, but it just looks like drapes on me!).  I was so self conscious.  It's hard to think about feeling miserable for that long and knowing what it feels like now to be free of the food addiction and able to control how I live my life and fully ENJOY it - I only wish I had found this program sooner!


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Loved the video! Appropriate for many of us who have blessed by you sharing your journey. :)

Pinky said...

Love this Video! Makes me cry everytime I play it..... You have and Amazing voice Beautiful.

Katie D said...

Love your voice! Beautiful.

HeatherDeehodgepodge said...

Wow amazing video. Love your voice. I see where Avonleigh gets it now :)

Stephanie said...

Way to go on your weight loss! That's with traveling! It was so nice to see you last weekend. You look amazing!