Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Weigh-in and Week Ahead

Hello, hello!  This last week was awesome - lots of new friends/clients and some really neat experiences!

If you missed any of the blog posts, here's your recap:

Tuesday: Recipe - Lean & Green approved: Stuffed Bell Peppers 
Wednesday: Health Tip - Is Food Your Addiction?
Thursday: Recipe - The Veg Butt (seriously - make this!)
Saturday: Health Tip - The Importance of Exercise
Sunday: Great family day!

After a busy week with some great workouts, here are my numbers:

Last week: 181
This week: 180 

One pound down, but boy do I feel AWESOME!  I have been weight training (toning) and exercising consistently and the closer I get to my goal range, the more things will slow down as I incorporate more exercise into my active lifestyle.  I love the way I feel and I SO enjoy the workouts with Mr. hour of my day!

Here's what we have in store for you this week on the blog:

Tuesday: Recipe - Teriyaki Chicken with Tofu Noodles & Veggies
Wednesday: Your Health - Steph's "numbers" and Obesity Trends in America
Thursday: Recipe - Luscious Lobster and Veggies
Friday: Family Fun Weekly Recap
Saturday: Health Tip - Fitness
Sunday: TBA

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