Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sick Super Bowl

(yes I sleep in my makeup)

This is how I spent my Super Bowl Sunday.  It pretty much sucked.

Our little town has been rocked by a strain of the Norovirus.  It has hit our family not once, but TWICE.  For lame.  I had this exact same feeling (exhaustion, nausea, stomach cramping, etc) exactly two weeks ago and two other people in our household have relapsed as well.  I'm just so grateful to not be throwing up (or have explosive diarrhea) - TMI?

The worst part (aside from feeling miserable), was missing the Super Bowl party with our friends (that we had planned for weeks)!!  I hate breaking engagements - especially ones that I am so looking forward to.

Mr. Charming was thinking he would go and just take the kids, but he didn't want to leave me - he's so sweet, that boy.  We also worried that more of the kids (or he, himself) may get it again, so better not to share the germs.  But we had all of these goodies that we were going to take to the guess what the kids had for dinner?
Semi healthy, yeah?  

We were so happy to find these - all natural ingredients and baked, not fried!  The kids LOVED them!

We made a huge batch of protein bars - and these are always a crowd pleaser!

Low-fat spinach dip in a sourdough bowl

Yummy goodness

And when you sleep in your makeup...this is what you look like.  Hello raccoon eyes.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a much better day!

Congrats GIANTS (I was totally pulling for the Patriots)!


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

So sorry you aren't feeling good. I think Ken recently had this. Thankfully he didn't share :)

The only positive thing about being sick is it makes you appreciate how good you usually feel, right? Hope you are up and at 'em soon.

Stephanie said...

@Polly - Thank you! Sorry to hear Ken had it...but glad he didn't share! hehe I definitely appreciate my everyday health - and I crave to feel that good all the time! I'm doing much better this morning...more of a 36 hr thing. On to a better week!