Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Wishes and Caviar Dreams

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What a great day!  I'm all for any holiday that celebrates love!  Call it a Hallmark holiday if you want, but I look forward to the opportunity to express a little extra love for those I adore.  Speaking of those I adore...

I had a great time doing the girls' hair for Love Day!
Zig-zag part and...

side-part hearts - finished off with a little red bow!  Love this!

Payton got a great big heart on the top of her head! Sooo cute!


Laethym spent this Love Day on a field trip to a Whittaker Creek with her class... 

(learning the pH table)

And Mr. Charming accompanied her!

Harvesting Steelhead eggs

Leathym watching the "milking" and "egg harvesting" - yummo!

Dissecting a Steelhead

Look kids, there's the heart!

Leathym and her cute friends!

My Peanut


Avonleigh's class had a day of partying!  And we also celebrated her birthday - finally!  What better day to do it, right?   

Look at that cute Valentines bag!  Her teacher is seriously THE BEST!

That's my girl!

And that's her personality!

Payton loved being able to hang out with the big kids all afternoon!  How much do you love this chair?!  I'm obsessed with it!  It makes for the perfect picture spot!

My little dude...messy face and all!

Chooch in the chair

I love how Zeke is holding the pointer at her!

Overkill on the Avonleigh pics?...I think not!


I snuck into Christopher's classroom for just a sec at the end of his party - it looked as sugar-laden as the rest of them!  He had a great time!


I love red on Valentine's Day - but today, I wore salmon.  It's totally a form of pink (which is a form of red), right?  Right!
Don't mind all the hair product...or the streaks on my mirror ;o)

And to my one and only Valentine: 
You are still my Mr. Charming and I love you even more on this Valentine's Day than on our first one 12 years ago (right after you proposed).  I adore the beautiful babies we've made together and the time we get to spend with one another every day.  It's a charmed life and there's no one that I'd rather share it with more than you, my Mr. Charming.  I love you! 

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Sarah Z said...

That last pic of yourself in the mirror, is the most gorgeous pic I have ever seen of you! Holy cow girl! You look amazing...keep it up!