Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vegas Training Vlog

Oh my gosh you guys!  This weekend has been so amazing!  I've learned a TON and feel so inspired for where I need to be with my health program and where I want to take my business.  I need to get home and decompress, then I'll go through my notes and share some great stuff from this conference!

Kim introducing Mike Dooley - sooooo amazing!

Me and Kim - she's such an incredible leader! 

Mike and Kim (receiving her roses) 

Mike and I 

My duds - it's all about the salmon...and the bling (j/k - they were like a buck!) 
But I love the yellow nail polish!

We walked around the strip late last night - one word: CRAZY!  This place is so dirty!!  Yikes! 
Aimee and I

And then Jack Sparrow took me hostage! 
He was harmless - my ransom was only $1 - wait, does that mean I'm cheap?

I've had such a great time and needed to share a little snippet from our training today!  Thanks for watching!

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Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Here's a funny for ya. I paused your Vlog to show Robin your nails (we love fingernail polish) and she asked, "Who's that?" She didn't even recognize you! You are looking fabulous! :)

April Irons said...

My sister is a ROCK STAR!!!