Friday, February 10, 2012

Zeke Zahlmann is 3 years old and completely edible

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I really don't have words to describe my love for this little guy.  He is pretty much the most perfect 3 year old on the planet (I'm allowed to be biased here).

He woke up and made his way bleary-eyed (but all smiles) to the breakfast table.

"Mom! What's for my special breakfast?" (didn't you know son? you're on the menu!)

But then I showed him these: buckwheat & berry waffles with whipped cream!

And then he inhaled and all was quiet.

He was seriously shoveling this in!  LOVED it!

Here's the box - in case you're interested.  They smelled divine!

And it just wouldn't be a birthday without a shot of whipped cream in the mouth!
Mr. Charming and I spent the day hanging out with Zeke and Payton - shopping, baking and watching his favorite show (Ben 10).  It was a wonderful day!  

Then the evening festivities began:

He requested his favorite meal: chicken strips and fries (see, we don't eat healthy ALL the time...just most!). He didn't care what kind of "treat" he had, as long as it was in a cupcake liner.  So I put on my thinking cap and scoured the internets for different ideas of a healthy "cupcake".  I'm super proud to have come up with these bad boys: Banana-almond-cream cheese muffins (I really need to come up with a better name).  The recipe will be coming soon!  Let me just say this: the word used to describe them: EPIC!!  I can't wait to taste them!!!

3 little candles (please don't mention that they're pink - he didn't care) for this very special boy.

Make a wish!

How to devour the world's best muffins (hey, that name might work!)

Did I mention they were a HUGE hit?

These girls love their brother!

Hambone - I could eat every square inch of my little dude!!

Happy to have gotten a card (with money!) from Nana and Papa! (THANK YOU GUYS!!)

Bring on the presents!

Every Spiderman-obsessed little boy should have this toy (parents - you may hate it). at first sight!

And then Christopher brought out this...

And Zeke did this:

He loves his workbench!

I love this picture SO much!  Mr. Sexy Charming is looking so handsome with his 80 lb weight loss!  And our little dude - oh. my. word.  I may look a little too happy (or slightly psycho), but it was a great day!  

Also, I did something drastic with my hair the next forthcoming (tomorrow).  Feel free to makes guesses...or look at my Pinterest board...your choice.

Previous birthday posts can be found HERE and HERE. (not sure what was going on in 2010...totally. dropped. the. ball.)