Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christopher's Birthday Celebration

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I haven't had a chance to recap Christopher's family party, so I'm doing that today!  I love that I have lots of pictures from the special times in our children's lives.  I love, love, LOVE looking back and reminiscing over the wonderful times - and laughing at some of the not-so-wonderful ones!

So here are a few snapshots from our very special boy's 11th birthday:

He requested the EPIC Health Muffins for his birthday treat...so we made a few changes...
We added dried cherries with the raisins...

And smashed 2 bananas in place of the artificial sweetener for the center filling...

And used the leftover filling as a "frosting" on top of the muffins...

They were a HUGE hit!  We will definitely be making them this way again!!

And then Christopher got a banana-cream-cheese facial...

What a good sport! 

Let the present-opening commence!

He was so excited for this Ninjago set! 

And his super-duper Star Wars Lego set - fuh-get-about-it! 

But wait...there's more!

He talked about these shoes for quite some time and if you've ever seen the movie The Sandlot, you'll know why! 

But then his cousins got a pair and he became positively obsessed!

Behold...the P.F. Fliers!  Guaranteed to make you run faster, jump higher and pretty much anything else your little heart desires (or so I'm told). 

And he got a Beaver-colored watch (or "no-plink" as Zeke calls it...don't ask).

But daddy knew just what this boy wanted: 

His very own RC Touch Racing Corvette! 

The monchichis together: 

Grandpa & Grandma with the birthday boy 

Obligatory picture of Mom and Dad with the birthday boy! 

We had a really fun night and Christopher was thrilled with his dinner, treats and gifts!  Thanks everybody!

We sure love you Buddy!

Dad & Mom

PS - Thank you to Nana & Papa too - he was sooooooooo excited for the cash! ;o)

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