Friday, March 16, 2012

Family Fun this Week

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I seriously can't believe it's Friday!

What a wild and crazy week we've had!  

Let's see...Mondays are always a whirlwind, but the weather was GORGEOUS and we manged to take a walk along Bay Street with the littles - it was so warm we didn't need coats!

I snapped this cute picture of Payton & Zeke and then...

...all the rest of them turned out like this:
Yep, he's a boy!

Payton, on the other hand, is always happy to pose:

Tuesday brought 8" of SNOW (snow, people!) and no school!

Wednesday was a busy day of errands, helping at the school, dress rehearsal for the talent show:

Thursday was a long day in Eugene with tons of errands, appointments, my dad's birthday and night 1 of the talent show.  Here is our Leathym singing her song, Love Story by Taylor Swift:

We were so proud of her!  The timing is pretty difficult on that song!  I think she'll be much more comfortable when she sings it again tonight!

And now it's's what's on tap: lots of client check ins today (I love hearing how everyone is doing!), blogging (hooray), a little shopping and tonight's final performance of the talent show at FEC.  Hopefully I will get a shower in today...

If you're interested in seeing our very talented kids perform (Laethym will be doing this song again & Christopher has a solo with the choir), be at the FEC at 6:30pm to get your tickets!  I heard they were expecting a sell out!

I will post the choir's song, American Tears on a later post - is it AH-MAZING - you really, really, REALLY should see it in person - and bring LOTS of tissue!

Hope to see ya'll there!

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