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GUEST BLOG - Lean and Green: Fried Eggs w/Kimchi, Broccoli, & Red Peppers

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Hey guys!  Remember my sweet friend, Mary?  Well guess what?...


I’m baaaaack!  Did you miss me?  I’m actually sitting here chuckling that my second recipe for Stephanie is also an egg dish.  What can I say…I love eggs. 

When I was 6 months pregnant with my first (now 8 year old son) my husband’s company transferred us to Singapore.  It didn’t take long to fall in love with the city, its people, and the amazing food culture that is present there.  Often I would be treated to “Good for pregnant lady” concoctions.  These dishes would just appear for me from the kitchen.  I would dutifully consume the sometimes unidentifiable, but usually tasty, teas & dishes under the watchful eye of the lady of the establishment.  I was not a particularly adventurous eater prior to our move but I was willing to try new things.  During this adventure I developed a love of Malay, Chinese and Korean foods. 

I guess that is the long way of explaining that I LOVE spicy foods.  I don’t like anything bland and always add Tabasco to my plan soups.  One of my favorite foods is Korean Kimchi and its wonderful fermented spicy sparkly flavor.  Kimchi pairs beautifully with eggs.

This dish is a wonderful combination of Asian flavors.  It is creamy, spicy, slightly crunchy and very satisfying. 

Here is our cast of characters:

 A note about Kimchi and Fish Sauce (aka: Don’t be scared): 

Kimchi and Fish Sauce are both strong flavored fermented foods.  Kimchi is also full of nutrition, per Wikipedia: 

Kimchi is made of various vegetables and contains a high concentration of dietary fiber, while being low in calories. One serving also provides over 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C and carotene. Most types of kimchi contain onions, garlic, and chilli peppers, all of which are salutary. The vegetables being made into kimchi also contribute to the overall nutritional value. Kimchi is rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium, and iron, and contains a number of lactic acid bacteria, among those the typical species Lactobacillus kimchii. Health magazine named kimchi in its list of top five "World's Healthiest Foods" for being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion, and even possibly reducing cancer growth.

I use King’s Spicy Kimchi (found in the fresh produce section of Fred Meyers), they also make a more mild Kimchi.  Fish Sauce has reputation for being stinky…I’m not going to lie…it is.  Be careful to not get it on your hands, it will smell.  Once added to the pan however it develops into a wonderfully mellow richness and adds amazing depth to the dish.

I repeat…Don’t be scared!

Okay enough talk – Let’s Get Cooking!

Heat your pan to medium heat.  Every stove is different and you are aiming to cook your whites and set your yokes without browning the bottom too much.  Give your pan a little spray of PAM.   Allow your pan to come up to heat.

Once your pan is warm add your eggs.  I always crack my eggs into a bowl before I add them to the pan, having to dig egg shells out of a pan is not fun. 

As the eggs begin to cook add the Kimchi, broccoli, & red peppers to the edges of the pan.  You want to warm them up and soften them slightly.  You could do this in a separate pan but I hate doing dishes so the fewer pans the better!  Do not disturb your eggs while they cook.

If the egg whites are taking a long time to set especially around the yokes you can pierce them with a fork.  After a couple minutes scoop some of the veggies into the whites.  Drizzle the fish sauce and soy sauce over the vegetables and gently mix in with veg.  Wait a minute or two more until the whites are cooked through, they will be opaque, and the yokes are set to your liking.  I go by sight, after about 3-4 min I very very gently tap the top of the yoke with the back of a fork or spoon (DON’T BREAK THE YOKE) it will jiggle slightly and won’t stick to your utensil.

 Scoop the vegetables into your dish and cover with the eggs.


On a more personal note it has been 8 weeks since I started my TSFL journey.  In that time I have lost (as of this morning, my official weigh-in day is Sunday) 28 lbs.  I have had a lot of ups…a few downs (including going off plan a couple weekends) but I cannot tell you how great I feel!  28 lbs!!!  In 8 weeks!!!  That’s an average of 3.5lbs a week!  Without being hungry!!!  It’s amazing!


Wow, Mary!  I'm SUPER proud of you and all you've accomplished in such a short time!!  You are such an inspiration to others and I know you're going to help change many lives!  Thank you, friend.


Fried Eggs with Kimchi, Broccoli, and Red Pepper*
*Remember, whole eggs are only to be eaten once a week
1 Serving

3 Eggs (Lean – no extra fat serving)
½ cup Kimchi (Green)
½ cup Chopped Broccoli (Green)
½ cup Chopped Red Pepper (Green)
1 tsp Fish Sauce (condiment)
1 tsp Soy Sauce (condiment)
Up to 10 sec spray of PAM (condiment)

  1. Heat pan w/PAM over medium heat.  You want to cook your eggs without over browning them. 
  2. Add eggs to pan.  Let cook for 1 minute.
  3. Add Kimchi, broccoli, and red peppers to edges of pan.  Gently move them around to cook.  You could do this in a separate pan.
  4. Do not disturb the eggs while they are cooking.  If your whites are taking a long time to set you can pierce them with a fork.
  5. When the vegetables have soften slightly scoop them into the egg whites.
  6. Drizzle the fish sauce and soy sauce over the veggies and eggs.
  7. Continue cooking until the eggs whites are cooked and the yokes are set to your liking.  I go by sight, after about 3-4 min I very very gently tap the top with the back of a fork or spoon (DON’T BREAK THE YOKE) it will jiggle slightly and won’t come away on your utensil.
  8. Scoop vegetable mixture into bowl and cover with eggs.
 This is 1 Lean & Green meal with <3 condiments and no added fat. 

Calories: 261.8
Total Fat: 15.3 g
Total Carbs: 9.1 g
Dietary Fiber: 3.7 g
Protein: 22.7 g

I added it to Spark People.  You can find it HERE

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Christine Eubanks said...

"Kimchi and Fish Sauce are both strong flavored fermented foods. Kimchi is also full of nutrition, per Wikipedia:"

Yes, most fermented foods and fermented vegetables are really nutritious. Fermented foods are also good for the digestion and works like probiotics according to some studies.