Thursday, March 8, 2012

She Bangs!

Hi friends!  I'm switching things up and doing Friday's post stay tuned for a really fabulous recipe on tomorrow's blog ( word...kimchi...ah...I've said too much!)!

Anywho...our girls all got their hairs did last week and I'm going to share their photos - because they're super cute...and it's my there! ;o)

Laethym, the eldest girl was up first:

Freshly cut bangs: 

She lost about 8" of length  

So pretty and shiny!  Isn't she beautiful?! 

Choochie's turn! 

Bring on the bangs! 

"Hi, my name's Avonleigh and I'm just plain cute!" 

She took off about 5" from the back and of course the cutie-pa-tootie bangs! 

Oh're up kid!  
She LOVED having her hair washed - seriously, she kept giggling and every time Calista would rinse her, she would crack up!  So cute!

Yep, bangs...times 3! 

Look at that shine!  

Almost done...she trimmed about 4" off the back of her hair.  

All finished!  Cute and sassy...totally Payton! 

I adore my girls' big, brown eyes!  

If you're looking for a place to have your kids' (or your) hair done - I HIGHLY recommend Beyond the Salon on Hwy 101!  Calista is the BEST and her prices are insanely cheap (seriously, for what you get and how careful she is, we would happily pay twice what she charges)!


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Anonymous said...

You and your girls have such gorgeous locks! And beautiful smiles :o)

Miss you all!--Robin

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suggest Beyond the Salon on Hwy 101! Calista is the BEST and her costs are incredibly inexpensive (seriously, for what you get and how cautious she is, we would gladly pay twice what she charges)!
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