Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary To My Beautiful Wife, 12 Wonderful Years

12 years ago this very day, my beautiful wife and I were married for time and all eternity in the LDS Portland Temple. To sum that day up in one word..... it was PERFECT. It was a beautiful sunny day, flowers were in bloom, and I still remember to this very moment the way I felt. It's hard to put into words, maybe it's a guy thing, but I felt pure joy! No other way to describe it. And even today, I feel an overwhelming joy that grows and grows each day as I grow closer to her. It has been the best 12 years of my life!

Remember This Picture? (seems so long ago)


I try to let you know everyday how much you mean to me and how your presence in my life has forever changed it for the best. If for some reason, that daily message gets delivered late, gets a little jumbled up, or ends up not showing up at all, I'm very sorry and I promise to continue to get better about making sure you know how special you are to me! I'm writing this to let you know and remind you of why you still are and always will be the love of my life, my one and only, my soul mate, my wife. Happy anniversary babe! I love you!

                                                                           Your Handsome Man

Why I Love You More Each Day:

1.)    You are a righteous daughter of god
2.)    You try so hard to be the perfect wife
3.)    You gave me 5 wonderful children
4.)    You are an incredible mother to them
5.)    You have the most beautiful eyes
6.)    You sing like an angel
7.)    You pray with our family each night
8.)    You genuinely care about others
9.)    You cry when you are spiritually happy
10.)  You have beautiful long dark hair
11.)  You are concerned for your health
12.)  You have the most amazing laugh
13.)  You watch out for my health and the health of our children
14.)  You are a great cook and baker
15.)  You are a great kisser
16.)  You actually know the words to "Oklahoma"
17.)  You give great hugs that make me want to never let go
18.)  Your hand fits just right inside mine
19.)  The only time I don’t miss you is when I’m with you
20.)  You are very playful
21.)  You never swear or use potty talk
22.)  You're very humble
23.)  You're a great dresser
24.)  You have ALWAYS been by my side, through thick and thin
25.)  You still have a childlike sense of wonder.
26.)  You have a dazzling smile
27.)  You're face is very expressive
28.)  You always put the most important people first
29.)  You like to read
30.)  You're a great snuggler
31.)  You're sexy!
32.)  You still think I'm sexy
33.)  You're smoothing out all of my rough edges
34.)  You still take my breath away
35.)  You have a great personality
36.)  There isn't anyone who doesn't love you
37.)  You're VERY smart
38.)  You're great at meeting people
39.)  You have a great profile and I don't mean facebook
40.)  You know how to give great massages
41.)  You let me give you massages
42.)  You always forgive me when I make a mistake or many mistakes
43.)  You rarely hold a grudge
44.)  You have a great sense of humor
45.)  You're favorite color is yellow
46.)  You love musicals and "Broadway"
47.)  You serve faithfully in church
48.)  You think I'm funny
49.)  You always say I Love You, and you mean it
50.)  You think it's funny when I'm wrong
51.)  You love to slow dance
52.)  You look simply beautiful with no make-up on
53.)  You love me no matter what I look like
54.)  You cry during "sappy" movies
55.)  You help me to realize that it is more important to care for others than yourself
56.)  You love to go shopping with me
57.)  You tolerate my insecurities and help me get over them
58.)  You're my biggest cheerleader
59.)  You're skin is soft, smooth, and I love touching it
60.)  You are absolutely 100% faithful
61.)  You're not materialistic
62.)  You're very feminine
63.)  You let me have my OCD moments
64.)  You encourage me to be more social
65.)  You always take time to listen to me
66.)  You like to talk to me
67.)  No matter what's bugging me, You always make me feel better
68.)  You are determined
69.)  You're drop dead gorgeous
70.)  You're drop dead gorgeous (had to put it twice for emphasis)
71.)  When we're together, you always make me look good
72.)  You always smell amazing, even after a run or first thing in the morning
73.)  You love to exercise
74.)  You're not a "high maintenance" wife
75.)  You are always gracious when you get a compliment
76.)  You have faith in god
77.)  egg salad
78.)  You look incredible when you're all "done up"
79.)  You hate to sleep without me in the bed
80.)  You make me feel like a cross between James Bond and MacGyver when I fix something
81.)  You truly are my better half
82.)  We have 2 sons that want to marry you
83.)  We have 3 daughters that want to be just like you
84.)  You make me want to be a better man
85.)  You are a great teacher and motivator
86.)  You don't like your nose, but I do
87.)  You like it when I go to your Doctor's appointments with you
88.)  You miss me when I'm gone, even if it's to the store
89.)  You always try to like the same things I like
90.)  You're a great photographer
91.)  You never give up, you really are a Zahlmann
92.)  You like my chest hair
93.)  You said yes to my "not so wonderful" marriage proposal
94.)  You try to be safe, all the time
95.)  You wanted to be a stay-at-home mom
96.)  You love our business and let me be a part of it
97.)  You need all the blankets on the bed to stay warm
98.)  You're trustworthy
99.)  You trust me
100.) You think I'm a good dad
101.)  Your clothes are now so tiny compared to mine
102.)  You are very compassionate
103.)  You put our family first
104.)  You're extremely talented with gifts from god
105.)  You like to look good for me
106.)  You're the best friend I've ever had
107.)  You would rather spend time with me than anyone else
108.)  You're honest
109.)  You're always trying to improve yourself
110.)  You "get" me  
111.)  You're confident
112.)  You reach for my hand when we go for walks
113.)  You like PDA's
114.)  You don't cut corners
115.)  You have allowed me to be in your life
116.)  You always ask me if there's anything I need  
117.)  You listen to the spirit
118.)  You always look for the good in everyone
119.)  You're the most charitable person I know
120.)  You try to make the best of every situation
121.)  You give the best tickles
122.)  You read your scriptures daily
123.)  You're not a know-it-all
124.)  You believe in being modest
125.)  You practice what you preach
126.)  You give great advice
127.)  You still remember what it was like to be a kid
128.)  You care what I think
129.)  You ask me for advice
130.)  You let me be the man
131.)  You are helping me to build a forever family

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!

Here's to many more years of our fairy tale life and our happily ever after! I LOVE YOU!


Stephanie said...

SOB! You are the most amazing husband, father, son, brother, [BEST] friend, man EVER! I feel so blessed to be able to walk this earth with you by my side and I can't wait to build our kingdom in the eternities! I love you so much!!

riska oktaviani :) said...

happy family. great :)
i like it. like reading a fairy tales story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was looking for a Happy Anniversary sign in google and picked the red heart with swirls I usually just right click and save to desktop, and came upon the wonderful words from a happy husband. With the time he took to write each wonderful thing he adores about you shows just what a Great man he is as well. High 5 to the both of you. You were married in the Temple. Blessings come to those who put the Lord first in their lives as a couple. Eileen/Texas and a Mormon. :)

Chris & Stephanie said...

Eileen - Thank you for your kind comments! It was such a beautiful blog post and one I'll never get tired of reading! He's definitely a keeper! Enjoy Texas - can't wait to visit one day! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Right here with Eileen!! Just googled for a Happy Anniversary sign and found this! what beautiful words, what a beautiful family! blessings to you all...~Cari..believer from CA

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add how amazing you both are..and congratulations on your journey to health and wellness!! TSFL is also helping my husband regain his health! 30lbs loss so far! it's wonderful....! Blessings..~Cari

donna brooks said...

me too!! (Googled to find a happy anniversary banner and found this!)