Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana!!

Today is a very special lady's birthday!  So in honor of Nana (also known as: Mom, Big Dolores, the Row Boss, etc.) here is a list from her kids (did we mention she had EIGHT??) of the things they love about Nana!

She will always give of her time...
...her talents...
...her testimony
She's a great example
Her work ethic
She's organized
She values cleanliness
She runs a tight ship
She loves chocolate (and peanut butter)
She's a foodie at heart
She's willing to try new things
She loves her spouse
She love her kids
She loves her grandkids
She respected her parents
She believes in the value of hard work
She practices what she preaches
She is a valuable employee
She's honest
She's short (but not on honesty!)
She loves the color purple
Family will ALWAYS come first
She is a good friend
She gives great advice
She sees things in black and white
She has a few tv shows that she really enjoys
She respects her kids as parents
She loves to cook
She loves to bake (even more)
She's very creative
She's a great seamstress
She's fiercely loyal
She's persistent 
She's giving
She's understanding
She's independent
She's helpful
She's a wonderful example of sacrifice
She has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ
She's determined 
She can relate everything to the Gospel
Her selfless attitude
She has a heart of gold
Her "just do attitude"
Her Chicken Enchiladas (I think we will need to post this recipe some day!) 

Nana and Papa at Laethym's baptism last summer

Clearly you've made a deep and lasting impression on your children...and their children and many future generations!  Thank you for all you have taught us!

We all love you mom!

Chris, Scott, Robin, Renee, Kari, Todd, TJ & Kym

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