Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Weigh-in and the Week Ahead

Hello, hello!  We've hit the ground running and it's off to another super-busy week!  We actually saw some sun this weekend - WooHoo!!  Here's to hoping Spring brings her warm rays around a little [read: LOT] more often!! 

Here's what was happening on the blog last week - it was a short blogging week, so we'll make up those posts this week!

Tuesday: Lean & Green - Pork Tenderloin with Kimchi
WednesdayYour Health - Metabolic Syndrome
Thursday:  Healthy Cooking - Ahi Tuna and Asparagus with Reduced Balsamic
Friday: Family Fun - we totally dropped the ball on blogging this weekend! 
Saturday: General Conference (we would have blogged: Health Tip - yep, didn't happen...but just look what's coming this week!)
Sunday:  General Conference - Such an amazing conference heart is full

Here's the Mr.'s weigh-in for this week:

Last week: 255.2
This week: 253.2

He's doing such a great job!  Down a total of 107 lbs!!  AMAZING!!

Coming up this week with the Fit and Fab for LIFE crew:

Tuesday: Recipe - Beef Stew with Kimchi
Wednesday: Your Health - Sex Drive Killers
Thursday: Recipe: Lean & Green - Oriental Chicken Salad
Friday: Family Fun - Paying tribute
Saturday: Health Tip - Stealth Health: How to improve your health without even trying (let's try this again, shall we?)
Sunday: Church and Family Day

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