Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fit Kids: Wall Ball Fun!

We all remember those grade school playground days..... tag, the swings, jungle gyms, tether ball, and best of all WALL BALL! There's a little more intense version of wall ball or hand ball that's called "Butt Ball", but I don't recommend that! Too many welts, bruises, and crying kids! Ask your kids if they play wall ball at school....... I bet they do!

Wall ball is a great way to get YOU and your kids moving! Just 30 minutes of wall ball a day can improve your cardiovascular strength and agility. It also works on your hand eye coordination and improves decision making skills in kids. For those of you that are a little rusty on how to play, read on. 

We try to get our kids out playing wall ball at least twice a week. It's great to encourage them to do something other than stare at the TV and they LOVE it. I challenge you to grab the kids and hit the blacktop for some wall ball fun! Look for future posts on playground fitness for kids.  

How To Play: 
  • The game begins when one player serves the ball by hitting the ball towards the wall. 
  • The ball must bounce one time on the ground before it reaches the wall. 
  • The receiving player must let the ball hit the wall and bounce once before returning it.  
  • The player can then return the ball by hitting it and reaching the wall in one bounce off the ground.
  • Play continues until the ball:
    • Bounces on a line or outside the boundaries.
    • Hits the wall without bouncing off the ground.
    • Bounces twice before it is returned.
    • Is not allowed to bounce.
  • When a player stops the play, thy go to the end of the line and a new player comes into the game.
  • The remaining player is the server and begins the next game.

Remember, exercise or physical activity doesn't have to be boring or monotonous! It can be LOTS of fun. Make it a family activity, invite friends, or just use it as some good bonding time with one of your kids! Just get moving!


Danielle Moore said...

I loved playing wall ball in elementary school. What a fun activity to do as a family! :)

Chris & Stephanie said...

Danielle, It is a super fun activity to do with the family. It's great to just get out and get moving and to let the kids see you doing it. Thanks for the comment!